12 Branding Tips For New Business Owners

Branding Tips

Branding Tips For New Business Owners What is Branding? By definition, branding is a marketing practice in which a business produces a name, logo, or design that easily be recognized as belonging to the business. This helps to describe a commodity and to differentiate it from other businesses. Branding is critical because it does not … Read more

Why Repurposing Content should be a priority in 2020 for your small business’s content strategy


Are you thinking of up-leveling your content strategy in 2020? If your goal is to be present on all platforms, repurposing content should be a priority.  What is Content Repurposing? Repurposing content means that you are using one main content piece (your blog, a live video, a podcast…) and turning into something else.  Very often, … Read more

How to use Zoom


As a freelancer, Zoom is one of the tools that I have been consistently using for 4 years now. I had been trying to get my husband to use it during his travels for ages but he wasn’t keen on learning a new app! You always come up with something new he says!!! Little did we expect … Read more

How to use Canva Templates for Business

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Having Canva Templates for Business will dramatically change your life as a business own!!! Having ready-made and branded Canva templates will make your content creation process a lot easier and efficient. If you are like me, spending a lot of time creating blog posts, videos followed by a ton of social media graphics to share that piece … Read more

Why You Need A Brand Styling Guide

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A brand style guide is a one-page blueprint that shows the visual elements of a brand. This is a very simple tool that gives so much power to your business when used well. A brand style guide or a branding board, is a file that is usually provided by your designer once they’ve completed your … Read more

Productivity Tips for Canva Designs

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Today I want to get into how to efficiently use Canva. Social Media posts with visuals have a much higher engagement rate than those with just text so it is important for ALL business owners to master a tool like Canva which offers you a simplified way to create beautiful graphics at a very low monthly rate. For … Read more

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