Productivity Tips for Canva Designs

Today I want to get into how to efficiently use Canva. Social Media posts with visuals have a much higher engagement rate than those with just text so it is important for ALL business owners to master a tool like Canva which offers you a simplified way to create beautiful graphics at a very low monthly rate.

For small business owners, it is impossible to pay a graphic designer for every single post that you create, it becomes way to costly. I highly recommend that you learn how to use Canva well.

But, if you are one of those who are spending way too much time creating graphics, this post is for you. Here are six tips to save time and keep you organized while creating your social media graphics with Canva.

1. Save your Brand Colors, Fonts and Logo

Most of you might know this already but just in case you don’t, you can save your brand colors, fonts and logo in the Branding Kit section. This will give you quick and easy access when you are working on your designs without having to go looking for Hex codes.

Brand Colors Canva Productivity

2. Use the templates!!!

Canva makes designing so easy, they provide 1000s of templates that are free to use. Why stare at a white blank screen wondering what to design when you can find something that has already been designed and make it yours!!! You can also purchase a set of Canva Templates from a Canva Template shop that design by a professional and ready to use within minutes.

3. Use the FOLDER

Folders help you stay organized. A good idea would be to create a folder for your Pinterest Graphics, another one for your blog featured image, Facebook, Instagram, Opt-ins. Whenever you create a new design, you will save it in that folder. Then, you can use these as a template when designing a similar graphic.

4. Categorize your uploaded images into folders

If you have Canva Pro, you can put all your uploaded images into Folders as well, making them easier to find. If you’re like me and you are uploading tons and tons of images daily, this is a lifesaver.

5. Why not hire a designer to create some templates for your brand

If you hire a designer to create some Canva templates for you, you will have a professional-looking graphic that you can edit yourself any time. If this is something that you need help with, I can definitely help you. Why not schedule a call where we can discuss your needs.

6. Magic Resize Button

Can I get an AMEN! This is a lifesaver. Instead of trying to recreate the same graphic in a different size, Canva Pro does all the work for you. You just have to input the size you need your graphic in…and Boom…it does it for you!

If you are still struggling with Canva, check out my Canva Template Shop. Here you can find ready-made social media Canva Templates designed by a professional that you can make your own by changing the fonts, colors, and images! They will make your Design process so much easier

If you find these tips helpful, let me know in the comments! And, if you have any other Canva questions, feel free to let me know and I will do my best to address that!

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