What is Content Repurposing and why you should start doing it ASAP

Today, a picture from last year popped up on my memories that made me think of the journey my business has been on in the past year. In the previous years I was serving my clients in every way possible but for the past year…to date, I have been learning and testing out “What makes great content?” and focusing my business & clients around that.

I have learned A LOT about graphics and design and to my joy, this has brought me an endless line of clients that keep coming back! SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS!!! Because beautiful graphics are my favorite!!

But no matter how shiny your graphics are, how they twinkle and move around, they will not increase your following or your income if you are not bringing value!

So here is what I’ve learned about content creation and how to give value to your people. I was thinking of all the bloggers I know who spend hours researching and writing their blog posts, making sure their SEO is great to get them ranked, sharing it on ALL the Facebook groups they are in on the right day of the week. But what if you’re still not getting the traffic that you need to make an income. You are putting so much value in that one blog post but people are not seeing it! How can we solve this?

What if from that 1 piece of content we can create a whole bunch of material to get your brand known on all social media platforms?

Image you wrote a blog post, and usually you create 3 Pinterest graphics, 1 Facebook graphic and 1 Instagram graphic…this is what people usually do right? But let’s think outside of the box for a minute and think how else can we repurpose this 1 blog post?

I created a list of 10 ways you can repurpose your content…it might sound overwhelming but I promise that once you have a system in place with templates, it will be super easy to make the most of what you write and maximize your views!

1. Do a Facebook Live! – Many of us still hate facebook lives, but the algorithm loves it and it’s the best way for people to get to know you

2. Turn the live into a Youtube Video

3. Resize your video to put it on IGTV and cut it into shorter snippets and post on Instagram stories

4. The same videos in 3 can be shared on Pinterest!!!!

5. Extract quotes and post on Instagram, and your stories

6. Why not start a podcast and go more in depth into your subject – this too opens so many other doors for your content to be spread such as wave graphics, your show notes and much more.

7. Create a freebie around what you said in your blog post and grow your Mailing list BOOM!!!

8. Send parts of your blog post as a newsletter

9. Share it as a long form post on Facebook

10. Tweet short parts of your blog!

I decided to share my Blog Repurposing checklist with you. Y’all know I love Trello so here is how I stay on top of things using Trello and get my posts shared everywhere!


If you have been looking for someone to help you repurpose your content while you focus on other aspects of your business, I am here to help. This is what I specialize in and I would love to join your team and help you grow your business. Let’s hop on a call and see how I can assist you!

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